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Glossary of Longarm Quilting Terms

Pantograph – pattern that is repeated across the width of the quilt (edge to edge) and down the length.  One pattern is used to quilt the entire quilt.

Pantograph with one border – quilt with a center section that is stitched with a pantograph, but also has one distinct border that is best set off with an additional pattern.

Custom quilting – quilting patterns are designed to fit the pieced top.  Sometimes we use angular designs to add dimension to a complex pattern, or add an open, flowing pattern to a geometric top to soften the lines.  The designs are selected to fit the individual quilt.

Heirloom quilting – quilting usually done so that most of the quilt top is stitched.  Heirloom quilting is most often seen on quilts for competition, and can create a stiffness that might not be acceptable on a quilt for personal use.  Heirloom quilting creates a flat quilt, not allowing for any puffiness from the batting.

Basting for hand quilting – Machine stitches that are 2-5 inches long, with rows about every 6 inches in preparation for hand quilters.

Polyfil – quilt batting that is made of 100% polyester fibers.  Does not shrink and provides warmth without weight.

Cotton batting – 100% cotton fibers used in the batting.  Will shrink when washed, some far more than others.  Be sure to check the expected shrinkage when purchasing to be sure it will perform to your expectations.

Cotton/poly blend – probably one of the most popular battings used today.  Washes well and usually has minimal shrinkage.

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