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Quilting Services

Longarm Quilting is Our Specialty

We offer high quality quilting services ranging from overall pantograph designs to heirloom quilting. 

Longarm quilting is especially desirable if you like to piece tops, but don't have time to hand quilt, or don’t want to hand quilt.  Or you might have inherited quilt tops but don't quilt and you want or need to get them finished.  You might be a new quilter, wanting to get your projects finished.  Or you just might be someone who loves and wants to use your quilts, but just don’t trust they will stand the test of time if hand quilted.

Longarm quilting requires both skill and an artistic understanding of the interplay of fabrics, thread, and colors. Our personal style leans more toward an open, airy type of quilting found in modern quilts. Heirloom quilting is characterized by heavier, highly intricate quilting designs. We are skilled in both types of quilting; please be sure to let us know your personal taste if you have a specific preference. If you are unsure what quilting design you want on your quilt, let us know your preferences (for a boy, nothing flowery, or don’t like hearts, etc.) and we will select a design for you.  Many of our customers leave pattern selection to us, trusting our experience and knowledge.

We offer the following services (see Glossary for a more detailed explanation of each service):

Edge-to-edge Quilting: You pick your pattern/pantograph and thread; we quilt it from edge to edge on your quilt.

Custom Quilting: You pick, we quilt it; borders, block specific patterns, different color threads, any combination.

Heirloom Quilting: Custom quilting, with a high number of stitches.

Basting: You like to hand quilt your quilts? We can do the basting for pryou, so you can focus on the quilting.

Binding: We can bind your quilt for you, so you get a finished quilt back.

Batting: Not keen on shopping for batting? We carry top batting brands and can add it to your quilt.

See our Prices for more information. 


The Finishing Touch | 3427 Willow Valley Road | South Jordan | Utah 84095 | Phone: (801) 253 0244
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